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Guardworx Kitset Packages

Guardworx, a division of Glassworx Nelson, manufactures and supplies easy to install Marguard window guarding packages to increase the safety of heavy machinery operators.

In the past, Marguard windows have been glued directly to the machine body leaving the Margaurd vulnerable to chemical attack. Guardworx new packages use a custom made steel frame that the Marguard is bolted to in order to prevent chemical attack and increase structural strength. The frame is then glued to the body of the machine and the door frames are welded in.

With a wide range of machine templates already in our system and many of these kept in stock, Guardworx' flatpack guarding packages are the easiest and fastest way to get your machines up to standard and keep your operators safe.

Door Window

Boom Window

Left Rear WIndow

What's Included:

  • Marguard Window for each fitting
  • Custom steel frame for each fitting
  • Urethane to fix each frame to body
  • Bolts and washers to fix Marguard to frame

Standard Boom Window

Our standard boom windows are matched to the original glass frame with the metal frame covering the blackout line of the glass.

Emergency Exit Boom Window

Located in the rear of the boom window, our quick release emergency exit system is easily accessed from both inside and outside of the machine. Inside the machine 4 quick release handles keep the emergency window frame locked in place. Locking pins prevent these from being accidently released. Outside there are four toggles that bolt the Marguard to the emergency exit window frame. This allows access to the cab if the operator becomes incapacitated.

Front Screens

Marguard Forestry Guarding Marguard Forestry Guarding Marguard Forestry Guarding